Welcome. Who am I?

Mon, Dec 9, 2019

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It's great that you have stumbled on this page. Now, let's give you value.

My name is Daniel, a semi pot bellied Growth/Digital Marketer and this is the first of many things you will get to read on this blog.

All i want to do, really, is help businesses grow in whatever capacity I can. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be via digital marketing. But it is, for now maybe. I just want to see the numbers increase.

I started the blog to organize my thoughts in one place, help other people - digital marketers and businesses - learn (no matter how little) from my own experiences and create a community around all of these.

You will get to read stuff about what I do, and trust me, they can vary. Also, I have a feeling that whatever my interests are has a tendency to evolve overtime.

So, let’s enjoy the ride people.

Important information: I pretend to work on reducing my pot belly a lot. Don’t judge me.

Your dear Daniel.