You run Google Search Ads? Here's why you should care about Sitelink Extensions

Thu, Dec 12, 2019

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Sitelink extensions are great for advertisers. Here are the reasons why you should care about them.

You run Google Search Ads? Here's why you should care about Sitelink Extensions

What are Sitelink Extensions?

If you are familiar with Google Ads, you should know what exactly sitelink extensions are. But if not, I’ll tell you (just because I’m nice like that).

Sitelink extensions are those extra links - usually 4 of them, or less - which are shown below a sponsored ad on the Google Search page.

These ‘extra links’ are an avenue for google search advertisers to let (potential) users take other actions or visit other (more specific) pages on their website, instead of just the homepage/landing page.

For example, you run a google search ad with your website as the primary landing page (let’s say your website lets users buy different kinds of furniture). Your sitelink extensions could be links to:

  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Living room furniture
  • Bed and lampstands

While you are targeting users with interests in furniture, sitelink extensions help you help your users narrow down their interests to more specific things (in this case, the different kinds of furniture) which are listed above.

You get the concept, yeah?

Google search sitelink extensions

So what exactly are the advantages of these extensions? Let’s take a look:

  • They help narrow down your audiences’ choice of what exactly they are looking to do online. For instance, a user that searches for furniture vendors online can be further directed to dining tables and chairs. It prevents him from going the long way of visiting the homepage first.
  • Your ads become more relevant: Generally, being able to narrow down to your target audiences’ specific needs makes your ad more relevant. This is part of what sitelink extensions help you achieve. A more relevant ad translates to reduced bounce rates, as the content of the page definitely helps the user.
  • Pushes the competitor site further down: This works especially on desktop and if your ad ranks top of the page. The sitelink extensions make your ad look ‘dominant’ pushing your competitor ad further down, that it might not be noticed by the user. Good thing, right?

**Let me tell you my story. **

Sometime back, I faced a problem of my sitelink extensions not showing. Instead of showing the extensions I created, the system was picking up random extensions from the website and showing them below the ad.

Problem was, these extensions the system chose to show were not at all relevant to the keywords people were searching. So, after some back and forth struggling with the Google algorithm, I discovered the root cause of the issue!


So as a rule of thumb, make sure the sitelink extensions you create have different landing pages. Because to have created additional links means there are other, more specific sections of your business you want your (prospective) customers to explore. Hence, they have to be different landing pages.

  • They are set on a particular ad, not an ad group. You can set your sitelink to account level, campaign level, ad group level, and ad level. So be sure which it is.
  • The extensions are relevant to your business. It is important to create sitelink extensions you think will be relevant to your customers.

IMPORTANT: Google is at liberty to show or not show your sitelink extensions to users. They get to determine who sees it or not.

Given the purposes that sitelink extensions serve, here are a few suggestions on how they should be:

  • Sitelink extensions should be Call-To-Actions

Example: For your furniture website which we cited above, your typical sitelink extensions could be:

+Buy Dining tables and chairs

+Get living room furniture

+Order Bed and lamp stands

Did you notice that these extensions above are telling the users to take a particular action? Exactly what I want you to get.

  • They should be short and instructive
  • They should be relevant to the target audiences

I hope that you will try to use sitelink extensions in your next Google Search Ad, if you haven’t already.